TEXpress Lanes

TEXpress Lanes: Use Your TollTag for More Savings

TEXpress Lanes are toll lanes that are built within an existing highway, expanding capacity to accommodate more traffic. Prices for the toll lanes change based on the level of traffic in the lane in order to maintain a minimum of 50 mph speed of travel.

The TEXpress Lanes are not priced, operated or maintained by the NTTA. TEXpress Lane toll rate policy is determined by the North Central Texas Council of Governments’ Regional Transportation Council.

TEXpress Lanes are open or in development on the following Dallas-Fort Worth corridors:

  • I-635 (LBJ Express and 635E TEXpress)
  • I-820, SH 183 and SH 121 (NTE TEXpress)
  • SH 114 (DFWC TEXpress)
  • I-35W (NTE TEXpress)
  • I-30 TEXpress
  • SH 114, SH183 and LP 12 (Midtown Express)

Big Savings and Easy Payment with a TollTag

TollTag customers receive a lower toll rates on TEXpress Lanes. Tolls are deducted automatically from an account.  ZipCash customers will be billed by mail, just as they are for driving NTTA toll roads.  (NTTA’s same habitual violator toll enforcement tools, such as vehicle registration block and vehicle ban for habitual toll violators, also apply on TEXpress Lanes.)

Motorists will enjoy seamless customer service with a single point of contact.  TollTag customers will have transactions deducted automatically from their account, and ZipCash customers will receive a single bill from NTTA for their travel on both NTTA toll roads and TEXpress Lanes.

New TEXpress Lanes HOV Discount Rules

 Our partners at the Regional Transportation Council have changed how drivers receive discounts when they use TEXpress Lanes to carpool.

 The GoCarma smartphone app replaced “Drive On TEXpress,” which allowed HOV discounts on TEXpress Lanes Jan. 24.

 TollTags are still required to be eligible for the discount and HOV users will continue to see the discount reflected on their NTTA accounts.

 GoCarma uses Bluetooth technology to automatically verify the number of people traveling in a carpool lane during weekday peak periods. As long as at least two people in the vehicle install the GoCarma app or have an occupant pass, they will not need to register each trip or interact with the app after initial setup.

GoCarma has answers to some questions here.

 For uninterrupted HOV discounts, Drive On TEXpress users must switch to GoCarma. The GoCarma app is available free in the App Store and in Google Play.

 Motorcyclists also qualify for these discounts. 

Dynamic Pricing

Unlike NTTA toll roads, TEXpress Lanes toll rates  adjust based on supply and demand in order to keep traffic moving at 50 mph.  As traffic levels increase, the toll price changes to keep vehicles moving. Once traffic volumes drop, the price goes down. 

For the first six months after the lanes open, a set schedule with higher rates during rush hours will apply. After this period, dynamic pricing will be implemented.

Prices will be clearly displayed on signs prior to each segment to the TEXpress Lanes.  You pay the rate displayed as you enter, even if the rate changes while you’re driving within the segment.

The rates also will be based on the size and shape or number of axles on the vehicle. View the North Texas TEXpress Lane Map.


Visit TEXpress Lanes to learn more.  The site features FAQs, maps and other information to help you navigate your way to a quicker commute on area TEXpress Lanes.