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Business Diversity

NTTA is committed to improving mobility in North Texas, and believes in working with businesses in the communities it serves.

Business Diversity Mission

The mission of the Business Diversity Department is to strengthen NTTA through the inclusion of disadvantaged, minority- and woman-owned business enterprises (D/M/WBEs) in the procurement of goods and services. We regularly seek to maximize participation of D/M/WBEs in all phases of NTTA’s purchasing and contracting.

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Outreach is a critical component to ensure our procurement process is open and inclusive. NTTA believes outreach must incorporate joint efforts with our regional peers, advocacy groups, trade organizations, disadvantaged, minority- and woman-owned business.


Capacity Building Programs


Diversity Compliance

NTTA’s compliance tracking and reporting system helps ensure vendors are meeting their contractual requirements for its business diversity goals. NTTA hosts various compliance training workshops for prime contractors and has initiated new reporting requirements to include more accurate reporting of business diversity participation.

Visit the NTTA - Diversity Compliance & Management System for reporting, certified database, training and more information.

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