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Overview & History

The North Texas Tollway Authority has been connecting North Texans for 25 years, serving one of the fastest growing metro areas in the US. We serve more than 14 million drivers through safe, well-maintained roads, which has brought significant and continued economic growth and development. We were the first tolling agency in the US to use electronic tolling technology with the TollTag. We were also among the first to convert an entire network of roads to cashless tolling (2010). NTTA is dedicated to continuing its legacy as a leader in tolling technology and transportation.

The TollTag is your ticket to quick and convenient payment every time you drive with us. The TollTag is the most cost effective and efficient way to pay for tolls. It uses a radio frequency to communicate with our tolling equipment, which automatically deducts tolls from the driver’s prepaid TollTag account. Customers without a TollTag pay the higher ZipCash (pay-by-mail) rate for their toll road travel - twice as much than TollTag customers. ZipCash customers can cut their toll bill in half when they get a TollTag. 

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Our Mission

We are committed to providing a safe and reliable toll road system, increase value and mobility options for our customers, operate the Authority in a businesslike manner, protect our bondholders, and partner to meet our region's growing need for transportation infrastructure.

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Our Values

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2023-2027 Strategic Plan

NTTA created a Five-Year Strategic Plan in accordance with the Texas Transportation Code. Each year, we check our progress and make timely modifications. We have integrated our values and mission with our goals and objectives to create a strategy map. In turn, NTTA’s leadership team and Board of Directors develop priorities and initiatives based on our strategic plan.

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