Business Diversity


NTTA Business Diversity Mission

The mission of the Business Diversity Department is to strengthen the North Texas Tollway Authority through the inclusion of disadvantaged, minority-owned, woman-owned and small business enterprises (D/M/W/SBEs) in the procurement of goods and services. A continuing goal of the Business Diversity Department is to maximize the participation of D/M/W/SBEs in all phases of the Authority's purchasing and contracting.

Business Diversity's Focus Areas

Four major focus areas serve as a road map for our business diversity program and facilitate the inclusion of D/M/W/SBEs in our contracts:

  • Expand outreach efforts and marketing initiatives
  • Align policies and procedures with the current business environment and industry best practices
  • Streamline compliance and reporting processes
  • Facilitate capacity building of qualified disadvantaged, minority-owned, woman-owned and small businesses

Business Diversity's Outreach & Marketing Initiatives

Outreach is a critical component of ensuring that our procurement process is open and transparent. NTTA believes that outreach must incorporate joint efforts with our regional peers, minorities, women and small businesses.

Business Diversity Growth

Facilitating growth of D/M/W/SBEs is important as NTTA looks to have greater participation among D/M/W/SBEs on larger-scale projects. NTTA implemented the Relationships and Opportunities Advancing Diversity (ROAD) Program that follows a mentor-protégé model used by other transportation organizations in the country. The program focuses on providing opportunities for ready, willing and able D/M/W/SBEs to increase business management, organization and professional skills through partnerships with established contractors that provide similar services.

All relationships are voluntary and are initiated by a written agreement between a prime contractor and a subcontractor. The Business Diversity Advisory Council oversees the program. Relationships average one or two years for professional services and up to three years for construction, typically expanding the life-span or size of a shared project/contract.


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