Roadside Safety Services

Roadside Safety Services: #999​​

In an emergency, call 911.

The NTTA Safety Operations Center dispatches Roadside Safety Services team members and can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling #999 from any location on NTTA's toll roads. In an emergency, please call 911.

NTTA developed our Roadside Safety Services team to help stranded motorists, provide protection at incident scenes and assist during disasters, regional emergencies and evacuations on NTTA roadways. By responding to non-emergency situations and directing traffic, the RSS team takes much of the load off of Department of Public Safety personnel. This allows DPS to expand its coverage without deploying additional officers, concentrating their efforts where they are genuinely needed.

Read about the number of customers helped and other fun stats on the RSS 10-year history.

RSS Youtube Video Link

Check out the men and women of our Roadside Safety Services (RSS) and the Safety Operations Center (SOC) as they take a quick break from their heroic work to show off their sweet dance moves and the positive attitudes that make them a hit with thousands of drivers every day.

To report a non-emergency NTTA safety or roadway issue, please send NTTA an email.