TollTag at Airports

Heading to the Airport?
Clear Your TollTag for Departure

Use your TollTag to pay for parking and pass-through at Dallas/Fort Worth International and Dallas Love Field airports, and you’ll arrive on time. 

First, make sure you’re ready for takeoff when using your TollTag. To prepare for your trip, confirm your TollTag account information and ensure that your credit/debit card on file is correct. If your card information is out of date or invalid, it will prevent your TollTag from working at the airport toll booth.

Similarly, TollTags that are not backed with a credit/debit card cannot be used for payment at the airports. Take a moment to add a credit/debit card to your account, and you’ll have a smooth landing in and out of the airport toll booth. Simply access your TollTag account online, on NTTA's Tollmate mobile app or by calling the NTTA Customer Service Center at 972-818-NTTA (6882).

Transactions less than $10 are deducted from your TollTag account balance. Transactions of $10 or more will be charged separately to the credit/debit card on your TollTag account. 

Once you’re at the airport, look for the TollTag logo to navigate your way. Enter and exit through the lanes marked with the orange TollTag logo. Be sure to slow down and drive safely: unlike NTTA toll roads, the airport toll booths have gate arms that restrict traffic flow.

Need a receipt? Before your trip, access your account online and set up automatic e-mail. You can also obtain a receipt after your trip through your online account or by calling the NTTA Customer Service Center.

Equipment troubles?  If you have a concern regarding equipment or slow gates at DFW International Airport, please call DFW Airport at (972) 973-4840 to report the problem. At Dallas Love Field, call (214) 670-PARK.  For additional information on airport parking, visit the DFW International Airport or Dallas Love Field Airport websites.

Important Note: Due to DFW Connector construction, expect delays in off peak hours when most lane closures take place. Off-peak times are Monday through Friday from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. and weekends. Visit for more information. 

DFW Airport: New Parking Plazas that (Re)Define Your Trip

Dallas/Fort Worth International  Airport introduced new, high-tech parking control plazas with discounts for TollTag customers, more TollTag and self-service lanes, and an all-around faster experience at the airport.

Additional TollTag-only lanes and new automated payment systems in other lanes will speed up your trips to and from – and through – DFW Airport. This is especially helpful for those who like a shortcut when driving to a Rangers game!

For customers without TollTags, the automated system speeds up transactions for everyone. Upon exiting, credit/debit card customers can take the ticket to any lane. Lanes marked credit card or TollTag will provide the fastest transaction. Cash customers will simply use the left lanes marked “Cash” to complete their transaction. Only exiting cash lanes will have a customer service representative while all other lanes will be fully automated and self-serve.

Visit for more information.