Billing and Payment


TollTag is the best way to travel on North Texas toll roads.  TollTag customers pay the lowest rates – ZipCash customers pay at least 50 percent more than TollTag members.

To ensure you’re always getting the lower TollTag rate, remember to update your account if you get a new vehicle, license plate, address, email or credit/debit card.

 A TollTag customer will receive an invoice for tolls at the higher ZipCash rate if:

(1) The customer’s TollTag account does not have correct vehicle, license plate or credit/debit card information

(2) The customer’s TollTag account doesn’t have enough funds to pay tolls

(3) The TollTag was installed incorrectly and cannot be detected by our system. Be sure your TollTag is placed on the inside of your vehicle’s windshield, below the rearview mirror.  

 If a driver does not have a TollTag account, a ZipCash invoice is mailed to the registered vehicle owner, according to Texas Department of Motor Vehicles records.

 If the credit/debit card information for your TollTag account is incorrect or outdated, NTTA is unable to charge tolls incurred to the card; this can cause your TollTag account to reach a $0 balance, and you will then receive ZipCash invoices at the higher toll rate. 

 You can pay these invoices and update your TollTag account through the Online Customer Service System or by contacting the NTTA Customer Service Center at 972-818-NTTA (6882) or 817-731-NTTA (6882).

The registered owner of a vehicle using a toll road without a TollTag account will receive monthly ZipCash bills.
ZipCash invoices can be paid online, by mail, phone, or in person at one of six NTTA Customer Service centers or at any one of the nearly 2,000 participating NTTA toll payment partners

ZipCash Late Payment Fees

Customers can avoid late fees by paying their ZipCash bill, which covers tolls only, within 25 days of receiving the bill. ZipCash tolls are billed following the process outlined in the charts below: 

ZipCash Invoice

25 days to pay

Tolls only. No fees.

First  Notice of Nonpayment

25 days to pay

ZipCash tolls

+ $10 late fee per notice

Second  Notice of Nonpayment

25 days to pay

ZipCash tolls

+ $10 late fee per notice

+ $25 late fee per notice


3rd Notice of Nonpayment

25 days to pay​​

All ZipCash tolls and fees listed above

in second  Notice of Nonpayment  

Legal Action​​

All ZipCash tolls and fees listed above in
second  Notice of Nonpayment 

+ any court costs, fines and fees as provided by law

Habitual Toll Violators may be subject to vehicle registration block, vehicle ban from NTTA toll roads (fine up to $500), and/or vehicle impoundment.

Habitual toll violators are those with 100 or more unpaid tolls within a rolling year and have been issued least two nonpayment notices.