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can avoid late fees by paying their ZipCash bill, which covers tolls only, within 25 days of receiving the bill … TollTag is the best way to travel on North Texas toll roads …
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by law NORTH TEXAS TOLLWAY AUTHORITY ® ZipCash Toll Bill ZIPCASH ACCOUNT SUMMARY With a TollTag, you can … If you fail to pay a ZipCash toll bill, you could be subject to: Pay Now …
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You can pay your bill using either the “Quick Pay” tab or click on the Login tab to log in to your ZipCash account … You have 25 days to pay your ZipCash bill without fees …
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ZipCash Invoice 972-818-6882 or 817-731-6882 972-818-6882 817-731-6882 All ZipCash tolls and fees listed above in 2nd …
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Drive on area toll roads less frequently but still want to save money instead of paying the higher ZipCash (pay-by-mail option) toll rate … With NTTA’s all-electronic toll collection …
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NTTA completes its switch to a cashless toll system with the full conversion of the Dallas North Tollway, the Addison Airport Toll Tunnel and the Mountain Creek Lake Bridge …
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prohibiting the operation of a vehicle owned by a habitual toll violator on NTTA toll roads … You will need to pay the ZipCash invoice and return your account to good standing …
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A TollTag customer will receive a ZipCash bill for tolls at the higher ZipCash rate if: (1) the customer fails to update …
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who join the testing program, tapNpay will pay 10 percent of the first $100 in tolls … will remain a tapNpay customer at the ZipCash toll rate until they elect to cancel their …
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https://www.ntta.org/newsresources/medcent/Documents/NTTA SEEKS ZIPCASH CUSTOMERS TO TEST NEW TOLL PAYMENT METHOD .pdf

billing gives you immediate access to your ZipCash bill, whenever and wherever you choose to view it – 24/7. More than 2700 ZipCash customers have already signed up …
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https://www.ntta.org/newsresources/medcent/Documents/2016.04.20 NTTA MONTHLY ELECTRONIC ZIPCASH STATEMENTS NOW AVAILABLE.pdf