Independent Financial & Performance Review

The NTTA’s four member-county judges commissioned an Independent Financial Performance Review (“County Review”) in 2011 to ensure the effectiveness of the NTTA in carrying out its mission as the regional toll provider.  The review also sought to evaluate the NTTA’s financial, operating and administrative functions and assess whether the NTTA’s goals and objectives are being achieved and the stakeholder concerns or needs are being addressed.
Findings of the County Review, conducted by Alvarez & Marsal LLC, were presented Oct. 18, 2011, during a special called meeting of the NTTA Board of Directors.  The report provided 82 recommendations focused on four areas:  transparency, procurement, organization and finance.
Final Report - Oct. 18, 2011
Final Board Presentation - Oct. 18, 2011
News Release - "Alvarez and Marsal Presents Results on NTTA Review" - Oct, 18, 2011

Action Plan & Updates

The NTTA is committed to ensuring the recommendations are fully evaluated and appropriately implemented in close consultation with the Authority’s member county judges.  To guide and monitor the implementation process, the NTTA developed an action plan and assigned recommendations to board committees and staff executives. Regular updates are shared during monthly board meetings, and a final update will be provided in early 2013.
90-Day Update - Feb. 2, 2012 - Within the first 90 days, the NTTA had taken action on more than half of the County Review’s recommendations.
Six-Month Update - June 19, 2012 - By the six-month mark, the NTTA implemented 76 percent of the action items with others in progress.
One-Year Update - Nov. 1, 2012 -  One year since the report was issued, the NTTA has implemented 96 percent, or all but three, of the recommendations.
Final Update - April 17, 2013 – NTTA has completed 100 percent of the recommendations outlined in the County Review.