Toll Rate FAQs


What are the toll rates?

The TollTag toll rate is an average of 20 cents per mile, effective July 1, 2021. The ZipCash, (pay-by-mail) rate is at least 50 percent more than the TollTag rate.

You can calculate the costs of using an NTTA road with our toll calculator.

How much and how often do toll rates increase?

Toll rates increase on July 1 in odd numbered years, an increase of 2.75 percent per year, compounded. This regularly scheduled increase allows for predictable, incremental adjustments and ensures adequate funding for safety and maintenance programs repayment of bonds and delivery of transportation options for North Texas.

Which roads will be affected by a toll increase?

Toll rate increases are for all NTTA toll roads, including:

       ·        Dallas North Tollway

·        President George Bush Turnpike

·        Sam Rayburn Tollway

·        Chisholm Trail Parkway

·        Addison Airport Toll Tunnel

·        Lewisville Lake Toll Bridge

·        Mountain Creek Lake Bridge

·        360 Tollway 

What about TEXpress Lanes?

NTTA does not own, operate, maintain or set rates on TEXpress Lanes. These express lanes are owned and operated by TxDOT or a private developer. More information about rates on TEXpress Lanes is available at

Why are toll rates increasing?

For our customers, it means NTTA can reinvest in its network of roads and provide services, including regular maintenance, roadside assistance, emergency response initiatives and adding lanes to existing roads to alleviate congestion. This means a safer, smoother and more reliable commute for customers. 

NTTA does not receive federal or state appropriations to repay its approximately $9.5 billion in outstanding bonds. Our toll roads are funded through the sale of bonds that are repaid by collecting tolls from drivers who use our toll roads. Toll roads offer travel options in North Texas, one of the fastest-growing regions in the country. 

Where do my tolls go?

·        Repay bonds sold to finance toll road construction

·        Toward the operation and maintenance of our high-quality roads.·        Fund expansions and improvements to accommodate continuing traffic growth·        Help North Texas bridge the funding gap between transportation needs and available state funding.

How are toll rates determined?

During NTTA’s annual budget approval process, its Board of Directors reviews NTTA’s financial obligations and determines if there is a continued need for the biennial toll rate increase. Small, incremental rate increases are implemented in odd-numbered years on July 1. 

Why do we need toll roads?

Transportation leaders in North Texas determine when and where a toll road may be built if the region cannot finance a road through tax funding. If local government leaders choose to build a toll road, NTTA constructs the road in response to the region’s mobility needs.

NTTA’s toll roads are funded through the sale of bonds that are then repaid by collecting tolls from drivers who use our toll roads. NTTA does not receive federal or state tax dollars to repay its more than $9.5 billion in outstanding bond debt. Toll roads offer travel options in Dallas/Fort Worth, one of the fastest growing regions in the country. 

North Texas communities benefit from improved access to businesses and communities through toll roads, which help those businesses and communities thrive economically. Recent commercial development along our toll roads include Toyota’s North American operations, Liberty Mutual and the Dallas Cowboys headquarters (near the Dallas North Tollway/Sam Rayburn Toll interchange), Boeing, State Farm and Raytheon headquarters (near the President George Bush Turnpike).

History shows that, without toll roads, several major corridors would still be waiting to be built, including the Chisholm Trail Parkway and the 360 Tollway. With your safety in mind, NTTA continues to re-invest nearly $2 billion over the next decade to widen and improve our roads in the region.  

Why charge a toll when I pay gas taxes to build and maintain roads?

NTTA does not receive federal or state tax proceeds, including gas taxes, to repay its more than $9.5 billion in outstanding bond debt. Instead, our toll roads are funded through the sale of bonds that are repaid by collecting tolls from drivers who use our toll roads. Toll roads are a choice that offers travel options in North Texas, one of the fastest growing regions in the country. 

Gas taxes, vehicle registration fees and other taxes support road projects built by the state (Texas Department of Transportation), not NTTA. This ensures that only those who choose to use an NTTA toll road pay for it. 

Is there an advantage of becoming a TollTag member instead of using ZipCash pay-by-mail?

Absolutely. TollTag members get the lowest toll rate available. ZipCash pay-by-mail customers pay at least 50 percent more than TollTag members. A TollTag may be used on any toll road in Texas, including area TEXpress Lanes. A TollTag can also be used on toll roads in Oklahoma and Kansas, where TollTag members receive the same lower toll rate as drivers with tag membership in those states. TollTag accounts opened with a credit or debit card also may be used for parking or pass-through at DFW and Dallas Love Field airports. 

The $20 TollTag has the same benefits of a standard $40 TollTag at a lower cost. So even if you only drive on NTTA toll roads once in a while, you will have all the convenience and the lower toll rates of a TollTag. Tolls are deducted from your account only when you use a toll road.

How does a TollTag account work?

A TollTag account can be opened with either a $20 or $40 pre-paid balance, using a credit or debit card. NTTA deducts the exact toll amounts from your account each time your TollTag passes through a tolling point. When the account balance reaches $10 (or $5 with a $20 TollTag), your credit or debit card will be re-charged to maintain the $20 or $40 account balance. Funds are deducted only when you use a toll road. You can also open a cash-backed TollTag account, which can be replenished at a number of locations throughout Dallas/Fort Worth. 

 Save time and money with a TollTag and receive the following benefits ZipCash customers don’t receive: 

·        The lowest toll rates – ZipCash customers pay at least 50 percent higher rates

·        Easy online account access – check your balance, print receipts and update your account with another vehicle

·        Easy account management through the Tollmate app. You can call for free emergency roadside assistance when you’re on an NTTA toll road, calculate tolls and more on the app (available in the Apple store and Google Play)

·        No bills, no hassles – avoid monthly ZipCash bills and potential late fees

·        Convenient payment for parking at DFW and Love Field airports. You can print stand-alone airport parking receipts for business-expense reporting

·        Automatic, lowest rate toll payment on any toll road in Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma

·        No additional charge for up to three vehicles on a single TollTag account

How do I get a TollTag?

·         Opening or managing a TollTag is just a click away on our Online Customer Service System.

·        You can also visit an NTTA TollTag Customer Service Center in Dallas, Grand Prairie, Mesquite, Plano, Irving or Fort Worth, or call us at 972-818-6882 or 817-731-6882.

·        NTTA also has  Regional TollTag Partners, including, local city and county offices, some grocery stores and more than 1,500 MoneyGram/Fidelity locations throughout the Metroplex.​​​