NTTA toll roads are funded primarily through the sale of government bonds, which are repaid with the revenue coming from toll road users. Gas taxes that typically fund governmental road construction do not fund NTTA roads. This system allows for efficient road construction that is crucial to meeting our region’s needs for successful growth.

For instance:

  • ​​The  President George Bush Turnpike was completed 10 years ahead of the government-projected schedule, offering improved mobility to our region’s population which has rapidly grown by 25 percent in the past decade.​
  • The $3.2 billion that NTTA paid for the right to construct, operate and maintain the Sam Rayburn Tollway (formerly State Highway 121) is currently being used throughout the region to fund many municipal and non-tolled county transportation projects. Scarce gas tax funds that would have funded the road’s construction are in turn used elsewhere for other roadway projects.
  • The North Texas region received an additional $200 million for road projects in July 2010 when The NTTA presented an upfront payment to the Regional Transportation Council for the right to develop, operate and own State Highway 161 in Dallas County. The project is located in an area experiencing rapid growth and provides a much-needed reliever route to SH 360 in Tarrant County. It is also a natural extension of one of NTTA’s premier facilities, the President George Bush Turnpike.  ​