Toll Rates

Use the below information to calculate how much money your TollTag is saving you on each trip or to find the best route for your daily commute. You can also download our free Tollmate app on Android or Apple devices to have it all in the palm of your hand.
Toll Rate Map
Our interactive map below displays the two-axle rates on every NTTA toll road. Simply zoom in, then click and drag to find the specific tolling point. Then, click your mouse on the tolling point, and you’ll see the TollTag and higher ZipCash rates for two-axle vehicles.
Toll Rate Charts

Looking for a complete list of rates?  Need the rates when towing a vehicle or driving a vehicle with more than two axles?  These toll rate charts list the individual ramp and main lane gantry toll rates for each road.  You’ll find the TollTag and ZipCash rates listed for multi-axle vehicles. 

Trip Rate Calculators
Use these handy Trip Rate Calculator Charts to determine the total toll paid for a point-to-point route. Open the PDF, scroll to the chart for the particular toll road, and find your starting point on the left column. Then, look for your end point at the top; your total toll paid is in the box where the column and row intersect. Using more than one toll road for a single trip? Just add up the totals for each road.
 Helpful Links and Information  
  • Toll Rate FAQs - Find answers to frequently asked questions about toll rates.
  • Where Do My Tolls Go? - Discover the impact  your toll dollars have on North Texas
  • Billing & Payment - Get the details about the TollTag and ZipCash billing process to ensure your tolls are paid on time everytime.


 Toll Rate Map