Trinity Parkway


The proposed Trinity Parkway will connect Interstate 35E to U.S. 175, providing a new, approximately 9-mile relief route around the west and south sides of Dallas’ central business district. The Trinity Parkway would be a six-lane, tolled bypass around downtown Dallas, which would provide traffic relief for the I-30 and I-35E corridors. The NTTA is managing ongoing environmental clearance and preliminary engineering efforts to advance the project. The project may go through a market valuation process, a joint NTTA-TxDOT effort, as outlined in Senate Bill 792, passed by the 80th Texas Legislature.

A 1997 Major Investment Study identified the construction of a new roadway in the Trinity River area as one of several projects that would relieve congestion near downtown Dallas. Due to its proximity to other planned Trinity River improvements, environmental analysis continues to be comprehensive and extensive. 

Funding for the planning and environmental study tasks is provided by the City of Dallas. In a 1998 ballot initiative, voters approved $84 million for the Trinity Parkway project. Per an agreement between NTTA and the City of Dallas, this amount will fund the environmental and permitting costs, with the remaining balance used for right-of-way acquisition, utility adjustments, design and construction. Additional funding sources for construction, operations and maintenance will be identified later in the project. As various project components are finalized, it is anticipated that future funding agreements will identify the cost shares of other funding partners. 

Other agencies involved in the Trinity Parkway project include: The City of Dallas, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Texas Department of Transportation, the North Central Texas Council of Governments, the Federal Highway Administration and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.​​​​​​​​​


Trinity Parkway Final Environmental Impact Statement Record of Decision

Cost Estimate

$1.3 billion (current dollars).

For more detailed information, please see the Cost Estimates section of the 2014 FEIS document

Construction Date

To be determined.

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April 2015

Project Information

Corridor Manager: Daniel Chapman, P.E.
Public Information: (972) 628-3041