D-M-W-SBE Compliance Reporting Forms

Business Diversity Department
MWSDBE Compliance Forms
Commitment Form 4906
A commitment form is submitted to identify all subcontractors/sub-consultants & material suppliers that will be utilized throughout the duration of a project. Any changes to the original commitments previously approved by the department must be reported to the NTTA’s stakeholders and approved by the Business Diversity Department.
Monthly Progress Report 4907
Monthly reports are submitted with invoices to monitor utilization of all subcontractors.
For projects with assigned MWSDBE Goals, submission of this report for periods of negative MWSDBE activity is required.  This report is required until all subcontracting or material supply activity is completed.  This report must be submitted to the NTTA or Construction Manager each month with your monthly invoices.
Final Report 4908
A final report is submitted at the end of a project and reports the total final amounts paid to subcontractors/sub-consultants and material suppliers that were utilized.
Good Faith Effort Form
If the prime contractor has failed to secure D/M/W/SBE participation and has subcontracting and/or supplier opportunities, or if D/M/W/SBE participation is less than the NTTA’s goal, the prime contractor must complete the Good Faith Effort Form. Good Faith Effort documentation and supporting information must be submitted in accordance to the NTTA’s procedures if the vendor fails to meet or exceed the designated goal. The NTTA will not award a contract to any vendor who has not supplied this documentation.
Change of Subcontractor Form
This form should be completed and submitted to the NTTA Business Diversity Department for each subcontractor or supplier being added, deleted or changed. The same criterion used for establishing good faith efforts in maximizing the participation of D/M/WBE’s prior to awarding this contract will also apply to the substitution of D/M/WBE subcontractors or suppliers during the performance of the contract.