SBE Program

Small Business Enterprise Program -
NTTA actively encourages the participation of Small Business Enterprises in its procurement and contracting process. The Small Business Enterprise program operates in a race-and gender-neutral manner. The program is open to all certified SBEs, whether they participate as prime contractors or subcontractors. A small business need not have any particular pre-qualifications in order to contract with NTTA. However, in order to participate in the SBE program, small businesses must be certified by the Texas Department of Transportation, and certification will be based on a firm’s gross revenues or number of employees as defined by the Small Business Act, Section 3, and 13 C.F.R. § 121.201.

Prime contractors who receive contracts from NTTA will be required to use good faith efforts to use certified SBEs. The use of certified SBEs, whether as prime contractors or subcontractors, for projects involving federal funding will not count toward DBE participation, and NTTA will track certified small business participation in the SBE program separately from the M/WBE program. In accordance with provisions included in the Small Business Enterprise guidelines, NTTA will count small business participation for any certified SBE until the firm no longer qualifies as an SBE under Small Business Enterprises guidelines. Through the Business Diversity Department, SBEs will receive assistance using various resources made available at the state, local and federal level designed to provide technical support and training to firms interested in obtaining transportation contracts. The department's outreach programs will ensure continuing participation of SBEs in NTTA’s procurement process.

SBE Small Contracts Program
This Program is designed to enhance contracting opportunities for qualified SBEs regarding construction and maintenance projects anticipated to cost $300,000 or less. Selection of contractors under this Small Contracts Program shall be made in accordance with NTTA’s Procurement Policy, related procedures and applicable law. Participants in the Small Contracts Program must be prequalified by the TxDOT to perform the aforementioned services. Information regarding the TxDOT prequalification criteria is located at

To enhance opportunities for increased SBE participation, NTTA will solicit bids from SBEs. To assist with the Program, the BDD will develop and publish a list of certified SBEs to be made available to appropriate departments. When a contract letting is warranted for construction and maintenance work, the following process will apply:

The BDD will utilize the SBE listing located at:

Except as provided below, the BDD will solicit a minimum of three (3) written bids from the SBE listing for each solicitation.

SBE Directory
NTTA will make available to interested persons an online SBE directory, identifying all firms eligible to participate as SBEs in NTTA’s SBE program. The listing for each firm will include each firm’s name, address, phone number, fax number, contact person, date of certification expiration and the types of work the firm has been certified to perform as a SBE.