Cooperative Inclusion Plan

What is the Cooperative Inclusion Plan?

The CIP is a comprehensive approach to addressing the lack of D/M/W/SBEs and HUBs in highway contracting. The CIP provides a road map for addressing this challenge and aims to bring together the key highway players and contractor associations to close this gap. The North Texas region is a dynamic and diverse community. The CIP paves the way to build on the foundation of inclusion by unifying the key professional organizations, highway organizations and community leaders to collaborate toward feasible strategies.

CIP Partners

The CIP partnering organizations represent a network of entities that are committed to facilitating increased diversity participation in highway procurements and providing opportunities for training, mentoring, networking and business development for D/M/W/SBE and HUB firms.
The CIP combines the expertise of the region’s professional contracting organizations – Black Contractors Association, Regional Hispanic Contractors Association, and the Associated General Contractors of Texas to provide the guiding posts for short and long-term strategies. As the major highway providers in the region, the Texas Department of Transportation and the North Texas Tollway Authority have joined with the professional contracting organizations to advance current initiatives that are aimed at ensuring that the region’s diverse makeup is carried throughout its procurement processes.