Wrong-Way Driver Task Force

The NTTA Wrong-Way Driver Task Force strives to promote wrong-way driver prevention and has taken the following steps to increase safety on the NTTA System:

  • Installed additional “Wrong Way” and “Do Not Enter” signs on longer entry/exit ramps
  • Deployed intersection inspection checklists used by engineers to assess countermeasures
  • Added red reflective tape to “Wrong Way” and “Do Not Enter” signs
  • Modified pavement markings at several tollway crossroad service streets
  • Added one-way pavement markers at the south end of the Dallas North Tollway
  • Installed raised pavement marker arrows at every NTTA exit ramp
  • Created an automated wrong-way detection system using existing pavement sensors that alert Command Center staff of a possible wrong-way driver
  • Contracted with the Texas Transportation Institute to conduct crash tests for the possibility of lowering “Wrong Way” signs near exit ramps
  • Constructed a median that will help eliminate accidental left turns from Wycliff Avenue onto the southbound Dallas North Tollway exit ramp
  • Piloted program to use lowered "Wrong Way" signs on NTTA exit ramps.
  • The NTTA Wrong Way Driver Task force and local media have contributed to a reduction in wrong way driver crashes and brought awareness to the dangers of drinking and driving.

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