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Dates as of June 28, 2016

Total TollTags:


Total TollTag Accounts:


Average TollTags per Account:


Average Daily Transactions (System): * 1.92 million

Average Daily Transactions (SPS): **

.24 million

2016 Toll Revenue: (System)


2016 Toll Revenue: (SPS)


2016 Total Revenue: (System) $708,680,217
2016 Total Revenue: (SPS) $97,235,612
2016 Net Debt Service: (System) $395,569,432

2016 Net Debt Service: (SPS)


Number of Employees:


Customer Service Center Contacts


Number of annual web visits (NTTA.org)


Lane Miles Maintained:


Roadside Safety Services:

22,942 motorists assisted 

NTTA provides billing and related services for TEXpress Lanes throughout the Metroplex.

NTTA has more than 200 Regional TollTag Partners throughout Dallas/Fort Worth where customers can open a TollTag account.

NTTA offers branded TollTags: Dallas Cowboys ($22.99 cost), and numerous collegiate TollTags (no cost for collegiate TollTags). These special-edition TollTags are available for new and existing customers.

NTTA offers a Starter TollTag - $20 start-up balance compared to $40 Standard - for less frequent toll road drivers.

*The NTTA System (System) is comprised of: The Dallas North Tollway, the President George Bush Turnpike, the Sam Rayburn Tollway, the Mountain Creek Lake Bridge, the Lewisville Lake Toll Bridge and the Addison Airport Toll Tunnel.

**The NTTA Special Projects System (SPS) is comprised of: The President George Bush Turnpike Western Extension and the Chisholm Trail Parkway

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