Rental & Out-of-State Vehicles

As one of the top tourist destinations in the state, the North Texas area welcomes thousands of visitors each year. When you’re here for a holiday and taking in the sights with family, you need to know the best way to get around town. If you are driving a loaned, temporary or rental vehicle, the Zip-Pass is the most convenient solution for you to pay for your toll road usage.

 Rental car companies have varying toll payment methods, but NTTA’s Zip-Pass offers a consistent way to pay tolls accumulated while driving a rental vehicle during a visit to Dallas-Fort Worth.  A Zip-Pass account is available as a short-term method for visitors to pay for tolls while driving in rental vehicles. A Zip-Pass account allows motorists to avoid added fines, fees and opt-in costs charged by rental car companies and assures tolls are paid on time while driving a rental car or visiting Dallas-Fort Worth in a personal vehicle. Customers must call NTTA Customer Service at 972-818-NTTA (6882) or 817-731-NTTA (6882) to open a Zip-Pass.
Information needed includes:
·         A beginning and end date for the temporary account
·         A debit/credit card
·         Address and contact number
·         Make, model, year and color of vehicle
·         License plate number and state
·         Driver’s license number
The Zip-Pass account can be opened for just $5 a day with a minimum balance of $20. If the balance drops below $10, the card on file will be re-billed for $20. Any remaining balance on the account will be refunded to the debit/credit card on file within 45 days of the given end date. Plan your trip with an area map of NTTA toll roads and toll rate charts.
Various rental car companies work with NTTA to offer toll road access to all customers or offer an optional toll road plan to customers at the time of the rental. Before driving on NTTA roads in a rental vehicle, please ask your rental car company about its individual toll policy. If NTTA does not have an agreement with a driver’s rental car company or the driver chooses not to opt-in to their rental company’s toll policy, then the driver may be subject to NTTA violations and rental agency fines upon use of toll roads.
If you have a hardcase TollTag, you may temporarily move your TollTag to a rental car after updating your TollTag account with the rental vehicle’s information. After using your hardcase TollTag in a rental car, you must update your TollTag account with your regular vehicle information to avoid administrative fees.
NTTA currently partners with a third party to acquire out-of-state vehicle information for our ZipCash billing process. NTTA aggressively pursues all tolls owed, whether the vehicle is registered in Texas or another state.
For out-of-state vehicle owners who want a TollTag: TollTag accounts are available to both in- and out-of-state customers.  You can open a TollTag account or add a vehicle to an existing account via our online Customer Service Center, at a Regional TollTag Partner location, or by calling us at (972) 818-NTTA (6882).  But remember, Texas law requires new residents to update their vehicle registration information within 30 days of relocation.  Visit