ZipCash FAQs

Zip Cash FAQs

Why does NTTA use ZipCash?
ZipCash is the NTTA’s pay-by-invoice option developed to replace cash collection as the NTTA transitioned to all-electronic toll collection.  ZipCash customers are billed at least 50 percent more than TollTag users.

What is the difference between a TollTag and ZipCash?
TollTag customers save time and money by maintaining a prepaid account to cover the cost of tolls. TollTag customers pay the lowest rates—ZipCash customers pay at least 50 percent more. Tolls are automatically deducted from the account each time a vehicle with a TollTag passes through a tolling point.

ZipCash is NTTA's electronic toll collection process for non-TollTag customers. ZipCash bills are sent by mail to the registered owner of the vehicle and the rates for travel are at least 50 percent higher than TollTag rates.

To avoid higher rates and billing by mail, sign up for a TollTag.

How does ZipCash tolling work?
When a vehicle without a TollTag travels through a tolling point, cameras overhead take a digital image of the vehicle’s license plate, and an invoice for the toll payment is then sent to the registered owner's address. Updating your vehicle registration information with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles will ensure that you receive the ZipCash bills for which you are responsible.

What can I expect to receive in the mail in terms of ZipCash billing?
Bills are mailed continuously, based on your toll road usage. If you are a frequent driver, then you will be billed more frequently than an occasional driver. Your statement will reflect each individual toll charge accumulated over the billing period.

Can I get my ZipCash bill electronically?
Yes, you can receive your bill via email.

What does a ZipCash electronic bill look like?
The electronic bill is an image of the standard ZipCash bill.

Will I still receive statements via U.S. postal service?
Once a you are enrolled in electronic billing, you will no longer receive paper statements in the mail.

Are the late fees still the same if a I use electronic billing?
Customers who receive electronic ZipCash bills will be responsible for payment and late fees on the same schedule as pay-by-mail customers. All ZipCash customers have 25 days to pay without fees; after 25 days, a fee will be assessed. See an overview of ZipCash fee structure.

Is there a fee or charge for electronic billing?
There is no fee to opt into ZipCash electronic billing.

How do I cancel electronic billing?
Customers who wish to no longer receive ZipCash electronic billing may cancel their enrollment through the billing website. Once logged in, visit “Opt-Out of ZipCash Electronic Billing” to cancel electronic ZipCash billing. You will automatically resume receiving ZipCash bills by standard U.S. standard mail.

How do I pay an electronic ZipCash bill online?
Once you receive the electronic ZipCash statement via email, you will log in to view your transactions. From the billing website, customers click on “Pay Bill Online” to go to the NTTA online customer service center to make a payment.

For the ZipCash Billing Page
After confirming your enrollment in electronic billing, you will only receive ZipCash bills via email. You still have 25 days to pay your ZipCash bill without fees. To cancel your enrollment in electronic billing, log in to the payment site and click “Opt-Out of ZipCash Electronic Billing” to cancel electronic ZipCash billing. You will automatically resume receiving ZipCash bills by standard U.S. standard mail 

What do the acronyms on my bill mean?

  • DNT – Dallas North Tollway
  • PGBT – President George Bush Turnpike
  • SRT – Sam Rayburn Tollway
  • AATT – Addison Airport Toll Tunnel
  • MCLB – Mountain Creek Lake Toll Bridge
  • LLTB – Lewisville Lake Toll Bridge
  • SH161 – State Highway 161

What if I don’t pay my ZipCash invoice on time?
The longer a ZipCash invoice remains unpaid, the higher the related fees and fines will escalate.  Customers can avoid any fees by paying their ZipCash invoices, which cover tolls only, within 25 days. Learn more about the ZipCash billing process.

I no longer own the vehicle for which I received a ZipCash invoice. What should I do?
You received an invoice because the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles still shows you as the registered owner of this vehicle. If the vehicle was traded to a dealership, please fax either the bill of sale or the odometer statement to NTTA Customer Service at 214-461-2085. If the vehicle was sold to an individual, please file a Vehicle Transfer Notification (VTN) with the Texas DMV. Mail or fax the VTN receipt to 214-461-2085.

Can I use ZipCash in a rental vehicle?
Rental car companies have varying toll payment methods. Ask your rental car company about its individual toll policy. If NTTA does not have an agreement with a driver’s rental car company or the driver chooses not to opt-in to their rental company’s toll policy, then the driver may be subject to NTTA administrative fees and rental agency fines upon use of toll road.

How do I pay my ZipCash bill online?
Visit the NTTA’s online customer service center.  You’ll need your invoice number and your vehicle license plate number and state to log in and a major credit card number to make payments.

From the online customer service center, you can print your credit card receipt for your payment records as well as view transactions that have not yet been billed. If you experience problems while using the Online Customer Service Center, please contact the NTTA at 972-818-NTTA (6882) or 817-731-NTTA (6882).

What is the new monthly billing for ZipCash customers?
For more information about the new monthly billing, click here.

Third Notice of Nonpayment and Collections Agencies

Why can’t I work with the NTTA to pay Third Notices of Nonpayments? Why do I have to work with a collection agency?
Because you chose to wait more than 90 days to pay your toll bill and dismissed three requests for payment, the NTTA has designated you a credit risk and turned collection of tolls and fees over to a professional collection agency.

At this point, the responsibility of collecting unpaid invoices is that of the collection agency.  Handling collection agency matters places a time burden on our call centers and takes away from the service we can provide customers in good standing.
Is there an additional fee charged by the collection agency?
Yes, a $29 fee is added so the collection agency can recoup cost for collecting the debt.

What happens if I call NTTA Customer Service instead of the collection agency?
You either will be transferred directly to the agency or will be provided a number to call the collection agency assigned to your Third Notice of Nonpayment.

What happens if I mail in my payment without the administrative fees or collection service fee?
Customers who mail in their payment are still subject to the $29 collection agency fee for invoices that have been sent to collections.

I never received previous invoices; my first notification of the tolls was the letter from the collection agency. Will the administrative fee or collection fees be waived?
If the address to which the Third Notice of Nonpayment (the collection notice) was sent is identical to the previous invoices, the fees will not be waived. If the address to which the previous invoices were sent is determined to be incorrect, the file will be updated, and the billing process will restart with the NTTA from the beginning with a request for payment for tolls only.

I have multiple Third Notices of Nonpayments in collections. Do the administrative and collection agency fees apply to each invoice?
Yes. The ZipCash billing process operates on a per-invoice basis, so each Third Notice of Nonpayment that reaches the collection agency stage is charged a $29 fee as well as all ZipCash tolls and applicable administrative fees. Keeping your account in good standing ensures you get the best pricing and avoid any fees and fines. As with all bills early payment is the most cost effective. To avoid fees and fines, it is important to pay within the first 25 days upon receiving your ZipCash invoice.

I’m a TollTag customer. Why am I being charged administrative and collection agency fees?
TollTag customers will receive ZipCash invoices if (1) the customer fails to update the account with new vehicle or credit card information or (2) the customer does not maintain enough funds in the account to pay the applicable tolls. TollTag customers will be notified and begin to receive ZipCash invoices at the higher toll rate if the account balance goes negative. These invoices follow the same billing process as all other ZipCash invoices. The longer the invoice remains unpaid, the higher the fees and fines. If an invoice remains unpaid after a Second Notice of Nonpayment is due, the invoice proceeds to a Third Notice of Nonpayment and a collection agency.
In addition to administrative fees, a fee of $29 is charged by the collection agency and cannot be waived or collected by NTTA customer service.
To ensure accurate billing and prevent any disruptions in service, TollTag customers should update their TollTag account anytime they have changes to their vehicle, license plate, or credit/debit card information.