Starter TollTag FAQS

 $20 Starter TollTag FAQs

What is the $20 Starter TollTag?
Based on customer research, more than half of ZipCash customers describe themselves as “infrequent users” of NTTA toll roads. The $20 Starter TollTag is the solution for infrequent drivers of NTTA toll roads who want to reap the benefits of a TollTag account.

The Starter TollTags work much like a regular TollTag: customers pay tolls electronically from a prepaid account through the use of a convenient transponder sticker mounted on a vehicle windshield. Each time a Starter TollTag user passes through a toll gantry, the toll is deducted from the account. 

What is the benefit of a Starter TollTag?
The Starter TollTag has the same benefits of the regular TollTag: the lowest toll rates, easy online access, no ZipCash bills, easy payment for terminal parking at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, dedicated payment lanes for DFW International and Dallas Love Field Airports and automatic payment for any toll roads in Texas and Oklahoma.

What if my driving habits change (i.e., increased driving on NTTA toll roads)?
The Starter TollTag is designed for infrequent toll road users. A Starter TollTag account will automatically convert to a regular, full-price ($40 balance) TollTag account if:

  • More than two (2) TollTags are assigned to an account
  • The tolls accrued in the preceding three (3) months exceed $120 ($40 per month average)

Once a $20 TollTag meets the above qualifications, the account is converted to a $40 TollTag account, and the account cannot be converted back.

Can I monitor my usage to avoid triggering conversion to a regular ($40) TollTag?
Yes, we recommend that all TollTag customers monitor their accounts for toll road usage, account details (correct license plate, address, etc.) and payment methods. Customers can use the online management system and the free Tollmate app to track their account.

How do I sign up for a Starter TollTag?
Customers who want a Starter TollTag can apply online – the most convenient source for TollTag applications, information and account management – or in-person at NTTA Customer Service Centers.