Credit & Debit Card Information

There may be a fraudulent charge on my NTTA account – the credit card (or debit card) I had on my account was cancelled but I’m showing NTTA charges on my new card.
NTTA participates in Account Updater, a service offered by some banks and major credit card companies to help keep your credit card (or debit card) updated in our system.  This helps you avoid getting ZipCash bills if the card we have on file for your account is expired or has changed.

What is Account Updater?
Account Updater is a service offered by many banks and major credit card companies to automatically update your card number or expiration date in our system when it changes.  

What if I don’t want my card information automatically updated?
If your bank or credit card company participates in the Account Updater service, you can opt out of the service by contacting the bank or major credit card company that issued your card.