Electronic Toll Collection

The NTTA converted its system of toll roads, bridges and tunnels to all-electronic toll collection, also known as cashless tolling, to eliminate the hazards and inconveniences of passing through tollbooths and provide customers with improved traffic flow and air quality, reduced travel times and enhanced safety.

tollboothday.jpgNTTA’s cashless tolling technology offers our drivers two ways to pay their tolls:

  • TollTag: electronic receptors at each tollway gantry scan vehicle TollTags, and toll payment is automatically deducted from users’ accounts.

    TollTag customers pay the lowest rates and they enjoy the convenience of 24/7 online account management without the hassle of billing and invoices. Additionally, TollTags can be used on any toll road in Texas, and accounts backed with credit or debit cards can be used to pay for parking or pass-through at D/FW International and Dallas Love Field airports.  For added convenience, TollTag customers can maintain up to three TollTags per account at no additional charge.

  • ZipCash Pay-by-Mail: high-speed cameras photograph the license plates of vehicles passing under each tollway gantry, and NTTA sends ZipCash bills by mail to the registered vehicle owner. ZipCash customers pay at least 50 percent more than TollTag users.

  • All ZipCash motorists are responsible for updating their vehicle registration information with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles in order to receive the tolls for which they are responsible.

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