Tollmate FAQs

What is Tollmate?
It’s the easy way for TollTag customers to manage their account online. Tollmate is the NTTA app that’s available in English and español for and Android and iOS mobile devices.

How much does it cost to use Tollmate?

It’s FREE!

How do I download Tollmate to my iPhone?

Search the Apple iTunes app store for Tollmate.

How do I download the app on my Android device?

Search the Google Play store for Tollmate.

How do I log in to Tollmate?

Log in with the user name and password for your online TollTag account – it’s that simple!
Don’t have an online access to your TollTag account? Click here.
What else can Tollmate do for me?
With Tollmate, you can:

  • View your account balance and make payments
  • Edit your account information
  • Add vehicles
  • Calculate the cost of tolls for trips
  • Call for FREE roadside assistance
  • Contact our Customer Service team

Do I need a TollTag to use Tollmate?
Yes, a TollTag account is required to use all the features of Tollmate.

How do I select the language I’d like to use on the app?
Once you download Tollmate, you can select English or español via a button in the upper right corner of the home page.

Disclaimer: Tollmate® mobile application (app) is the official mobile app of NTTA and its toll facilities. All usernames and passwords used to access account information through the Tollmate mobile app are encrypted and are stored locally on the user’s mobile device only if the user chooses to store the information. There may be other mobile apps created that enable a user to access the user’s account information. However, these apps are not authorized by NTTA, and NTTA does not guarantee the security and privacy of account information (banking, credit/debit card, email address, etc.) accessed through the use of unauthorized apps. NTTA strongly discourages using these unauthorized apps. Finally, NTTA encourages you to drive safely and strongly discourages using Tollmate while driving.